2015 seq modules demo patch

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2015 seq modules demo patch

Post by cwmod » Mon Apr 27, 2015 11:29 am


SynC16VGrid divides the ramp input into 16 parts. If the ramp is within a certain range, SynC outputs an high sync value at one of it's 16 outputs.
16 ranges can be defined by adjusting the min and max controls on the SynC panel.
A 'Min' value of 0 means the ramp is divded equally into 16 parts; if you e.g. connect a vca to the summed outputs it would produce a straight rhythmic pattern.
If you shuffle all even outputs, it will create a swing/shuffle rhythm.
(see Preset file below)

After connecting the SynC16 outputs to an Add16 module, you can either have a gate seq (connecting an AudioTrigger to the Add16 output) or a control sequencer.

More info about the modules here
Patch download here
SynComp16 presets here
Short Audio demo using ScopeSyncVst here. (with different Ramp range, SynComp min and Add16P(itch) note settings, using the 'select seq' feature.)

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Re: 2015 seq modules demo patch

Post by jksuperstar » Tue Apr 28, 2015 2:20 pm

I like these modules. I can create "preset" swing patterns in modular, and now looking at different ways of sequencing or randomizing those min/swing blues and length to humanize other sequences. This is very cool!

Now I just need a genetic algo shell to morph across parameters from two patches :twisted:


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