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SS TripleSeq

Posted: Sun May 04, 2014 11:29 pm
by cwmod
My third M4L/Scope patch(es).
Scope BCM patch:
:!: important: use 32bit Asio modules, otherwise the GateSeq modules won't work!
It uses two Waldorf oscs, each with it's own AD envelope, Lp24 filter, ECC87 distortion, distortion Low/Hi crossfade and Gate sequence module. They have a common Note sequencer. The upper Gate sequence module is also used to trigger the (common) Modulation AD envelope.
At the end of the signal chain there is a little mixer for Osc1, Osc2, and the both ECC outputs. The mixer also provides two Aux sends for Chorus and TempoDelay modules.
The sequencer modules are sync ones, meaning they need to be synced by a Ramp wave, which have to be fed in in Audio input three.
The patch uses a SS64 and a SS32 module, to get data from Max4Live. Connect Audio ins 1+2 to SS64 and SS32 Data+Dst inputs.
Max4Live patch:
Lefthand, there are the controls for Gate and Note seq modules; the round buttons further on the right provide the option to randomize gate positions.
Below are 26 buttons to store presets: Shift-click to store, click to recall presets.
Further on the right there are Swing and Glide controls.
The next controls are color-coded: green for Osc1, brown for Osc2; functions should be self-explanatory.
The ModEG controls Wavetable (Eg>WT) and Filter modulation (of both Oscs).

Audio demos: ... on-seqence
The advantage of using external Ramp waves (played back on an Ableton Audio track) is not only to always be in time but also to have the possibility to modify the Ramp wave clip to get polyrhythmic grooves.
In this demo, a note of gate seq2 is modified in Ableton to get different melodic lines.

M4L and Scope patches:

My very super big thanks to Will and Simon for making all this possible and their endless patience to answer all my questions. :)
For me personally this is the way I'll use Scope Modular in the future.

Re: SS TripleSeq

Posted: Mon May 05, 2014 2:41 pm
by sharc
This looks amazing Roy !! The demos sound great too 8-)

Thanks again for sharing :)

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Posted: Mon May 05, 2014 5:05 pm
by w_ellis
I agree with Simon. It's great to see someone putting ScopeSync to good use and in such a creative way!

P.S. You decided against the random note values in the end then?

Re: SS TripleSeq

Posted: Mon May 05, 2014 7:49 pm
by cwmod
w_ellis wrote:You decided against the random note values in the end then?
Hi Will,
yes, forgot to mention:
For some reason presets didn't memorize notes. (like if the random note button would be automatically be activated when switching presets.)
After various attempts (sometimes resulting in crashing M4L + Ableton) I thought the patch is good also w/o note random. I hadn't realized this at first glance. Sorry for stealing your time in this matter, but I just wanted to get this finished (and because it's not a core feature anyway).

Now some notes on (Ableton) presets and (M4L) pattrstorage:
-although I'm a total newbie to M4L, I feel justified to say this:
*never create presets when the M4L patch is unfinished resp. don't add/delete objects to a patch for which you already made presets; if so, clearly rename the patch (eg with date/version etc.) by all means, so you can dump the new patch if something goes weird.

In Scope Modular, I'm probably getting an error message ("...contains presets where only xx% are compatible..") when adding or esp. deleting modules. Maybe some preset data is lost, but that's all.

-In Live, (with my previous SSWavetable patch) I had all kind of crashes and lost data, where I thought with "modern" software like Live (compared to dinosaur Scope) everything is easy and fault tolerant.

The opposite is true.

Because I had some M4L patches with the same name but different content, Live wouldn't load a patch and wanted me to locate the correct one.
Which I did; sadly, I picked the wrong one. Using Ableton's "Automatic repair", Live overwrote the original so I couldn't use it any more!
God bless old-fashioned Scope.

-with this patch, I had some M4L + Ableton crashes when selecting (pattstorage) presets. The reason in this case is (I think) that I made presets when the patch was not finished: some objects didn't yet exist, some had been modified, and M4L didn't like it. Maybe it's another issue (eg inspector: automapping index-do I have to consider this one?), don't know.

-generally, I think the "onboard" M4L presets quite handy. They are not remembered when saving a song, but that's ok for me; actually, I think it is very good as it is (not another file to store).
Presets are just snapshots which can be quickly retrieved and stored, which is better than Ableton presets where the whole patch is loaded.

-one thing I didn't get was how to automate pattrstorage presets in Live. Together with preset interpolation this could be another dream team (for the next patch, after some M4L studying and Will interrogations :) )

Re: SS TripleSeq

Posted: Fri May 09, 2014 9:09 am
by cwmod
If someone wants to have my "Bcm-Cwm" modules partially used in the patch
Mixer4-2-2 (4-ch mixer with 2 mono aux sends and stereo aux returns)
StereoMultiInsFx (SerialFx; Insert2-4's input can be dry signal or Insert1-3)
Tempo256kDelay (ULLI settings but no samplerate control, it's assumed to use 44.1kHz)
you can download them in one zip here.

Re: SS TripleSeq

Posted: Fri May 09, 2014 1:16 pm
by Spielraum
oh yes, sequencer in a sequencer in a secuencer


you are so crazy...
...and i luv it

Re: SS TripleSeq

Posted: Mon May 19, 2014 2:31 pm
by JoPo
cwmod wrote:If someone wants to have my "Bcm-Cwm" modules partially used in the patch
I'm really happy to discover this collaboration ! It can only generate positive things.
Those "Bcm-Cwm" modules look excellent !

This is gooOÔÔod news.. 8-)

Re: SS TripleSeq

Posted: Mon Jan 05, 2015 10:02 pm
by irrelevance
Can't get anything other than weird fart noises out of this patch (and weird fart noise is definitely not what is programed on the panel!) . I'm getting multiple encoders controlling the same parameters in SS64 for instance Osc2 Semitone which controls E8 in SS64 HEADER SCRIBBLE STRIP is also being controlled by Osc1Eg>WT. To clarify The controls in Live are mapping okay on Push controller but something is going on to mess with connections across scope sync. Has the recent update screwed this patch somehow? If I load a standard SS64 A1 doesn't work, A2 and A3 Both control A1 in HEADER SCRIBBLE STRIP.

Really like the concept of scope sync but so far the amount of time I've put in is not giving much return for me. Teething problems, user error sure but if I want scope mod power it's still far quicker and headache free to just use modular with ramps from live and midi control.

Re: SS TripleSeq

Posted: Tue Jan 06, 2015 12:48 am
by irrelevance
Hopefully above comment doesn't sound too much like a negative complaint/rant.
I see it more like the situation with sharing modular patches controlled by external ramps and modulation i.e It's harder because of the configuration that goes on outside of scope can go wrong at the other end' and ruin the intended setup or sound. I see scope sync concept as a means of partially addressing this because at least there is a savable configuration at 'the other end' but paradoxically it has for me at least now made things harder overall just to get things set for myself let alone sharing! I guess it's a learning curve and time will tell according to the patches that turn up using it and can be successfully shared.

Re: SS TripleSeq

Posted: Tue Jan 06, 2015 7:59 am
by w_ellis
Hi irrelevance,

Try not to get frustrated! It's very early days for the system, so there's bound to be teething problems. We really appreciate people taking the time to actually try things out and feed back about their experiences, even if they're not always positive.

In this case, I think you've picked a patch that isn't compatible with the latest version of ScopeSync, as we changed the audio comms protocol a number of months back, while still in the closed beta phase and the ScopeSync BC modules in use in this patch will be using the older version. You could try re-patching using the newer SS128A module, which should work.

We've been very cautious about breaking backwards compatibility on the whole, to avoid this sort of problem. With the more recent releases, we've been versioning both ends (VST and Scope DLLs), so patches using different versions can remain in action. It's not the easiest thing to get exactly right, as there are a lot of variables at play in the system overall.

Anyway, no promises, but we're making some good progress with our initial testing of an OSC-based solution to replace the audio communication method. I hope that will make the usage less fiddly.